Three Doshas affecting children constitution and behaviour are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Under their influence your child is behaving, thinking and acting.

The people of Vata constitution are under the greater influence of the element air. As the air is light and constantly moving, Vata people are also easily moved and their body frame is either too small or too high.

The Pitta is the element of fire and it’s influence make people fiery and energetic, with strong muscles and bodily structure.

The Kapha is the element of water and makes the body big and heavy, but also very tolerant and forgiving.


How The Three Doshas Affecting Children Constitution Influence Your Child?  

Children predominantly governed by the Vata constitution are of very slim body frame and tender in appearance. They are creative, smart and constantly on the go. They are talented for music and arts, enthusiastic and social. They like to discover and try new things. They are easily excited. Boring surroundings and loneliness are not good for the psychological development of the children with predominant Vata constitution.

Three Doshas Affecting Children Constitution - Nutrition Consultant

Children of Pitta constitution like adventures

Those children mostly governed by the element of Pitta are already from the early age disciplined and ambitious. They take responsibilities early. They are slender, but not as fragile as Vata children (they are more stable). They are very curious and persistent. They want to learn and set themselves high goals that often successfully achieve. They love challenges.

Children in whom the Kapha constitution is dominant are strongly built, very stable and very  compassionate. They are full of understanding and appreciation for others. They know how to play and have fun when they are only with themselves or alone. Compared to children under the influence of Vata and Pitta, Kapha children appear to be more stable and peaceful. They do not like moving too much and their routine, daily rituals and getting things in order are indispensable.