About Sanja Bakula

Since early age Sanja, the founder of VishvaDhara was interested in proper nutrition, good health and physical well-being as a way of life. That prompted her to pursue education in pharmacy and medical field.

During 16 year of working as a medical nurse in Germany and Switzerland, she comparatively studied and in 2007 she became the pharmaceutical chemical engineer. For the next seven years she hold the position in final control of pharmaceuticals before they are approved to be released to the market.

Sanja is fully approved auditor for the pharmaceutical industry. She is authorised to perform the inspection of pharmaceutical processes at any stage of production of pharmaceutical preparations and medicines. During seven years Sanja has participated in the auditing of production, logistics, packaging and control of the certificate specifications of each production process. That profession, she says, has taught her a lot about how to take care of every detail and accuracy of any pharmaceutic product.

In 2002 the idea of Ayurvedic way of life and healthy nutrition started to grow on her and here is the fruit of that desire. 

Sanja’s Services