Body Type Nutrition

Body Type Nutrition

According to Ayurvedic science of life and healthy living there are three elements that are responsible for our good health and long life. When any of these three elements come in misbalance, we say that the body is not healthy or sick. These three elements are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.Body Type Nutrition

Vata represents the air element. It controls the life force and the process of ageing. Vata in our bodies regulates breathing, moving and nervous system amongst many other factors.

If ballanced, it can give lots of enthusiasm, creativity and upliftment. Vata-influenced people are mainly under the influence of this airy element. When disbalanced, Vata can produce various disorders like insomnia, nervousness, flatulence, irregular bowel movement and lower immunity.

To maintain the Vata element in the balance, it’s very important to adapt diet to these rules: warm, cooked and juicy food (warm meals, creamy vegetable soups, sweet fruits, etc), as well as warm beverages (like ginger with water). 


Pitta element in our bodies governs fire; it regulates the metabolic (biochemical) processes in the body. Pitta type people, when they have Pitta in balance, are full of energy, they have good digestion, as well as sharp and clear minds.

Body Type NutritionIf Pitta is deranged in the body there will be some inflammatory processes, outbreaks of anger, skin and digestion problems. For Pitta body type nutrition it is important to regularly exercise, as well as proper and timely nutrition habits with the use of spices such as: turmeric, coriander, cardamom, etc.


Kapha element is in charge of the water and is the most stable of all the three energies. Healthy and balanced level of Kapha in the body gives stability and endurance and a strong immune system. If disbalanced, Kapha element can create lethargy, respiratory organs problems, obesity, type 2 diabetes etc.

For Kapha body type nutrition, it is very important to practice regular exercise and to have balanced, proper nutrition. Food intake should be reduced because Kapha slows down the digestion and it should contain hot and warming spices (ginger, pepper or chili).