Ayurvedic Preparations

Ayurvedic Preparations For Long And Healthy Life


Ayurvedic preparations are herbal and mineral compounds that are specifically formulated for each and every type of bodily constitution. They are made according to ancient recipes made by the adept herbalists and sages of the past.

In our practice we first make an checkup of the bodily condition and health challenges, and then we make suggestion of which Ayurvedic preparations and formulas would be the best to treat your condition.

Ayurvedic formulas are made with pure and tested herbal and mineral ingredients which are safe to use during even a longer periods. They produce no negative side effects for human health, but are very effective in treating deranged health conditions. Some of the formulas are made to immediately work on the cause of the disease, while others are used to maintain the continual optimal health.

Please check our shop to find out which Ayurvedic formulas are good for your specific situation or write to us directly on the contact page and let us know what challenges you have.